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June, 19th 2024

Extrem takes Decanter gold for the second year in a row!

We are proud to announce that our flagship wine, EXTREM, has once again been awarded a prestigious gold medal at the Decanter World Wine Awards. This marks the second consecutive year that EXTREM has achieved this honor, affirming its status as a benchmark for quality and consistency in the world of fine wines.

EXTREM is overachieving Sauvignon Blanc, which impressed the judges with its exceptional quality, earning 95 points to secure the gold medal. Gold Medal ensures an outstanding and memorable wine within its category.

This recognition from Decanter, the world’s most esteemed wine competition, highlights the dedication and expertise that go into every bottle of EXTREM.

June, 7th 2023

M-Simply Good Wines pushing the boundaries with the prestigious Gold award at Decanter

We are thrilled to announce that our exceptional creation, Extrem, has been awarded the highly coveted Gold award at Decanter, the world’s largest and most prestigious wine competition. Winning a Gold medal at Decanter is something really exceptional; it is like the stratospheric level, so it’s really saying to the winemaker: »this is a great wine«. It is a wine that scored 95 points on a 100-point scale – the greatest earthly equivalent to heavenly wine perfection.

“We are incredibly proud to have Extrem recognized as the Gold at Decanter,” stated Gregor Mikuž, owner of M-Simply Good Wines. “This achievement underscores our dedication to producing wines that push the boundaries and offer an exceptional sensory experience. We invite wine enthusiasts around the world to indulge in the extreme pleasure that Extrem delivers.”

What’s so special about M – Simply Good Wines Sauvignon blancs?

The composition of the soil and the climatic conditions are the reason why our sauvignons have an exceptional bouquet and a unique taste, as they bear the stamp of unspoiled nature. At the crossroads where the Alps end and the Pannonian world begins, there you will find M – Simply Good Wines. A beautiful oasis on the foothills of Pohorje is the basis for the creation of unique sauvignon blanc wines.

“White and wild” translates it from French, and just like that is sauvignon M-simply good wines. It upgrades its wild aroma, reminiscent of elderberry, black currant, gooseberry, grapefruit, melon and minerals, into a fruity and fresh taste. Acid upright, however, allows it to go exceptionally well with all types of food, and is especially good in the company of asparagus, tomato and seafood dishes.

M – Simply Good Wines story

The Story of M – Simply Good Wines began in 2009 when Gregor & Tjaša Mikuž designed a new wine brand and took over the family estate. They decided for new approaches and new ideas, which are dictated by modern wine trends.

Expertise and careful work in the vineyard and in the wine cellar ensures that the wine retains the natural taste of grapes and a specific terroir of Pohorje with peculiarity that makes them unique.

At the crossroads where the Alps end and the Pannonian world begins, there you will find M – Simply Good Wines.

We ourselves enjoy wines that are delicious, pure, with the character and personality.

We also love nature and the magical circle of life so we decided to take care of the natural processes on our estate with ecological farming that will lead us to the ultimate goal – biodinamic.

We believe that great wine is grown in the vineyard so we are extremely careful and caring with our vines.

Our focus is in extremely high standards of wine quality and the idea that every vintage and every experience with our wine is better than the previous one.

We strive to do all of our work just a little bit better every day. Small steps will bring you big changes.

We are extremely grateful and proud

International recognition and awards

It’s great to be known and loved by your neighbours and friends but to be recognised by established high profile wine competitions like Decanter WWA or AWC Vienna is every winemakers dream.

We are extremely proud to have received numerous awards for our wines already and we believe in going even higher.

We always strive to be better and you know how they say:”The sky is the limit!” and we admit we love the sky.


Local praise

You will probably agree that international recognition is very important as wine today travels much more than ever before.

But what also feels good and important to all of us here at M – Simply Good WInes is that we are being recognised in the local community and by local wine lovers. We couldn’t be more proud to receive “Our Finest” quality certificate by the City of Maribor.

We always help to promote our region in whichever way possible.