What’s so special about M – simply good wines Sauvignons?

The composition of the soil and the climatic conditions are the reason why our sauvignons have an exceptional bouquet and a unique taste, as they bear the stamp of unspoiled nature. At the crossroads where the Alps end and the Pannonian world begins, there you will find M-simply good wines. A beautiful oasis on the foothills of Pohorje is the basis for the creation of unique sauvignons.

“White and wild” translates it from French, and just like that is sauvignon M-simply good wines. It upgrades its wild aroma, reminiscent of elderberry, black currant, gooseberry, grapefruit, melon and minerals, into a fruity and fresh taste. Acid upright, however, allows it to go exceptionally well with all types of food, and is especially good in the company of asparagus, tomato and seafood dishes.