M – Simply Good Wines story

The Story of M – Simply Good Wines began in 2009 when Gregor & Tjaša Mikuž designed a new wine brand and took over the family estate. They decided for new approaches and new ideas, which are dictated by modern wine trends.

Expertise and careful work in the vineyard and in the wine cellar ensures that the wine retains the natural taste of grapes and a specific terroir of Pohorje with peculiarity that makes them unique.

How it all got started

Watch a short interview with Gregor Mikuž (the owner and the winemaker) as he talks about how the whole story of M-simply good wines started.

At the crossroads where the Alps end and the Pannonian world begins, there you will find M – Simply Good Wines.

We ourselves enjoy wines that are delicious, pure, with the character and personality.

We also love nature and the magical circle of life so we decided to take care of the natural processes on our estate with ecological farming that will lead us to the ultimate goal – biodinamic.

We believe that great wine is grown in the vineyard so we are extremely careful and caring with our vines.

Our focus is in extremely high standards of wine quality and the idea that every vintage and every experience with our wine is better than the previous one.

We strive to do all of our work just a little bit better every day. Small steps will bring you big changes.